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Coffee Spotlight: The Panama

October 16, 2017

We now have a nice coffee from Panama in our online shop as part of our Niche Collection.


Panama Hacienda La Esperanza (that’s the country + farm), debuted at this year’s Bevcon, where we brewed it as a pour over.

We love to debut new coffees at events because we get a first hand feedback to the coffee. People will tell you what they think!  And because coffee is such a varied beverage, one coffee seldom appeals to all. But this one—all who tried it were pleased with just how delicious this coffee brewed.

This did not surprise me. Panama is a good “bridge “coffee – for those coffee drinkers who like blends and classic single origins, this coffee is a nice entry into the niche coffee world. It’s full-bodied with the cocoa notes a classic coffee drinker would love, but it also has soft delicate notes of a more intricate coffee. The roast level is medium, so the acidity is mild. Plus, it brews well with many different methods, even the traditional American drip.

This past week, I’ve been drinking this at home as a pour over. I love the coffee’s juicy mouth feel. We’d love to know how you brew it and what you think. Comment on our FB page to let us know!