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New Year, New Brew: The Beginner’s Guide to Pour Over

January 12, 2018

Note: This is two of four of a series on trying different brew methods in the New Year.

Pour over may seem complicated, but it’s actually as easy and approachable as it sounds: You simply pour hot water over coffee grounds.


Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


1. Dripper or Drip Decanter 

There are all kinds of these on the market, ones that have been tested time and time again, like the Bee House Dripper and Chemex.

I personally use the Hario V60 Drip Decanter at home—my hands fit well around the neck of it and when I’m done, I empty my grounds and throw the whole thing in the dishwasher.

2. Coffee

You’ll need a coarse grind, coarse like sea salt. You can brew all coffee as pour over, but I personally like it for more complex coffees, like ones from our Niche Collection. Subtle nuances in delicate coffees are best highlighted with this brew method.

3. Hot water kettle

Either stove top or electric works!

4. Scale

You’ll certainly welcome to use one, especially when you are first getting started and want to dial your coffee in to your preference. It’s great for consistency, but it’s not necessary.


How to Brew:

Step One

Grind your coffee and place in filter.

Pro tip: Pre-wet your filter to rid of paper taste

How much coffee to use? A good place to start is 60 grams for every liter of water.  For my Hario V60, I brew this ratio: 44 grams of coffee to 700 grams of water. This is my preference. Experiment and adjust to the taste that you like!

Step Two

Slowly pour hot water over the grounds. Wait for the bloom (just like the French press brew method) and then slowly continue. Keep brewing until you’ve reached the desired volume.

Step Three

Serve and enjoy! Soooo simple!


An Inside Look at What We Do

December 11, 2017

We've often said that we're more than simply a coffee roaster but it's hard to put everything we do into words. Our new brand identity video showcases what we do best. Serve our customers.

We wanted to highlight EVERYTHING we do at King Bean in this video. While that might be impossible, we did record parts of our day, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at our daily routines. You'll see Richie roasting coffee, Alex loading up the van for deliveries, Corey training customers, and JP rebuilding an awesome vintage La Marzocco machine.

From our Wholesale Inquiry Page :

In addition to stellar coffee, King Bean offers unmatched equipment support and maintenance, customer support, training—everything you need to get your coffee program up and thriving. And we do it with the intrinsic warmth, integrity and hospitality as only a company that’s grown up in Charleston can do.

How did we do? Take a peak at our new brand identity video and let us know what you think!