Since 1994

We source ethically grown and certified coffees including Rainforest Alliance, Organic and Fair Trade certified. We purchase many of our coffees from small lots and cooperatives and buy locally imported coffee to lessen fuel consumption. The coffee is roasted on our Petroncini customized with energy reducing, self-modulating gas burners.

We upgraded our roastery in 2012 from single-phase power to energy saving, three-phase power. Our roastery is equipped with motion-detected lights throughout the entire 13,000 square foot facility. We installed on-demand water heaters and have an aggressive recycling program. We deliver our coffee with our Mercedes Sprinter BlueTEC vans, which are engineered for engine emission reduction.

We revitalize equipment rather than sending it to the landfill. Our machine technicians thoroughly rebuild Italian classics (La Marzocco, Cimbali, Nouva Simonelli, and Rancilio) into custom espresso machines. We understand and appreciate the craftsmanship these machines are not built to throw away, they are built to last.

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